the key women roles of the bravados!

Consuelo Bravado, the undisputed matriarch of a large wealthy and extended clan.


  • Consuelo Bravado is a beautiful, brilliant, young and incredibly rich California widow and the undisputed matriarch of the large Bravado clan which also includes her brothers and sisters lands as well as her own large holdings. 

  • Together with her family she controls vast herds of valuable cattle and fine horses roaming free over  hundreds of thousands of acres of the richest lands in the world, pristine California which they have owned for a hundred years.

  • Consuelo was the most hotly pursued and the most beautiful heiress in California when she married her husband whom she both adored and admired and his loss is still felt daily, but she soldiers on.  

  • During this time Californias   married young and had many babies quickly as possible. Consuelo married just as she was about to turn seventeen and she was only 36 when her husband was killed in an accident and left her to raise six children on her own and the control of these vast estates. 

  • She was more than up to the job and responsibilities and she managed and grew her lands and extended her family's wealth and as she did her own personality grew and blossomed in new ways as well.  She rose to the task with the aid of her large extended family by her side. 

  • Consuelo's key ally and advisor is her mother-in-law, Herculana Bravado, also  with a woman with a brilliant mind.  Together they are thick as thieves.

  • She is prescient, the holder of a finely tuned intuition and vision but also great logical abilities since she can read and was educated unlike so many in the world at that time.  Only 2 percent of the population of California could read at all and this gave her a great advantage in business and finance government and law.

  • Consuelo is widely read and has an intellect bordering on genius. She speaks English and Spanish but also a number of other languages and is always surprising her family with her wealth of knowledge which she continues to increase with regular shipment of the latest literature around the Horn on Clipper ships that she has arranged.  

  • She senses the danger from the new Yankee occupiers now that the war between California and the US was  lost by the Californios. She knows it will be a time of change and she is preparing in every way to defend her family and their lands holdings and position in California as well as she can.  She knows that she has a big job before her if she would retain her lands  for the future against the grasping conquers.

  • She is an extremely determined woman and she is determined to succeed in saving her family.

Herculana Bravado, mother-in-law and trusted advisor brilliant in her own right



  • Herculana Bravo is the mother-in-law to Consuelo Bravado. 

  • She was the mother of Consuelo’s much loved and missed husband.

  • It was the mutual love for the lost husband and for the lost son that brought them so closely together after his death and sealed their partnership in their mutual and shared grief. 

  • Since then Herculana has proven to be an invaluable help and in return she is grateful to be with the family and near the children and the life and the beating heart of a large rancho expertly run as it is by Consuelo with her advice. 

  • She has a rye sense of humor that expresses itself with an occasional cutting remark, but mostly she watches, and she saves her comments for Consuelo when they are alone, and she can fully express her thought which is usually very insightful.

  • Herculana is also a widow another thing that they share together

  • When Herculana and her husband was building the rancho , had actually built much of the rancho from what before had not been so well managed or husbanded. They had brought the rancho from a more rustic period into a period of art and beauty.

  • Herculana loves Consuelo as the daughter that she never had until now.

Susana Bravado, quite simply the most beautiful girl in California on the cusp of her eighteenth birthday. See examples of 3 Latinas Miss World's. Susana Bravado is far more beautiful still.



  • Susana Susana Bravado eighteen-year-old daughter of Consuelo, Consuelo's eldest daughter is simply the most beautiful girl in California with an insightful intelligence of her own she is the third leg of the stool of their brain trust and represents the future for which they are all fighting. 

  • In her mind her great beauty is of little importance in comparison to qualities of the spirit which are of the highest value. 

  • This is what she has absorbed from Consuelo and Herculana. 

  • Susana does not yet have her mother’s experience or broad vision, but one day she will. 

  • Her mother has made sure that all of her children are educated and can read, speak several languages and Susana reads widely supplied with all the new books on the east coast by the clipper ships that come to buy their cow hides for the shoes of the eastern elite on their way home after dropping off cargo in San Francisco which is growing wildly with immigrants from the east coast, Europe and the rest of the world. 

  • That wild growth of the occupier settlers has not yet reached Southern California, but it will. 

  • Susana has a vivid imagination and powerful logical faculty she is still learning to control. 

  • She is much sought after beauty but cautious where men are concerned and cautious with her feelings. 



Consuelo Bravado is a beautiful young still very desirable widow of high intellect, clear intention and great wealth and resources at her fingertips.  Her beauty and good judgement is known by all.  She is a treasure.



Herculana Bravado was the reason for her husbands rise to prominence in Southern California and was the steady guiding light for her son who continued the progress of the rancho along with Consuelo once she became his wife after his father died. 

She has a brilliant and guarded intellect.  Together she and Consuelo make a formidable pair.  


Susan Bravado is a heart-stopping beauty, yet that is of less importance to her than the beauty of t

  • Susan Bravado is a heart-stopping beauty, yet that is of less importance to her than the beauty of the mind and of beautiful thoughts and worlds that are possible. 

  • She is courted by every possible young male suitor for hundreds of miles around. She is kind, patient with all of them, but thus far, uninterested.

  • She buries herself in her books and with the exciting development of her mind.