The boys are falsey accussed of murder


Red Barber tries to exploit the trial of the Bravado Boys with threats lies and demands for ransom


Two of the Bravado boys, Chico and Reubensito are falsely accused of murder and only the new young idealistic Yankee lawyer in town can save them in the face of the intense Yankee bigotry and corruption.


The racist Yankee settlers now occupying the town stands dead-set against the boys without any evidence filled as many of them are with a racist animus they are hoping to bring down the rich Californios through this trial.   

The only hope for the Bravado family and their two boys is a twenty-two-year-old idealistic lawyer new to Los Angeles Attorney Joe Hardy, who is himself a Yankee from the East but who also has an iron clad belief in the rule of law. He decides to defend the two boys when he comes to believe in their innocence, but his ideals and his metal are about to be tested in the extreme because in his defense of the innocent boys he will be put in the no-mans land between the two groups in his stand for the rule of law.  

In the middle of this miscarriage of justice the Red Barber Gang decide to insert themselves into the controversy and the trail and demand money or the death of the two boys.  They claim that someone from the family offered them ten thousand dollars to bust the boys out of jail but the Bravados vehemently deny anyone from their family ever said any such thing or even spoke to anyone in the Red Barber gang.  For his part Red barber says that he can't remember the name of the Bravado who made the offer, but he is sure one of them did and Red is going to keep them to their offer.  Either they give ten thousand dollars as ransom or the gang will kill the boys and leave the town.

Consuelo, Herculana and Susana Bravado must save them somehow.

Joe Hardy is the only reliable and truly honest lawyer in LA, and he takes the case and inadvertently takes on the Red Barber gang at the same time.