They see no problem with this obvious conflict of interest


Johnathan R. Scott Esq. first American Justice of the Peace in Los Angeles

The first Americans to own land in the Rancho San Rafael portion of Burbank was Attorney Jonathan R. Scott. 

Attorney Jonathan R. Scott was a very large man and gave you the impression of a wood chopper.  Towering at 6’4″ (the same height as Abraham Lincoln, at a time when people were much smaller than now), Scott, was an imposing presence in the tiny adobe courtroom in use during the 1850s.  Fellow lawyer J. Lancaster Brent said in his writings that Attorney Jonathan R. Scott was one of the remarkable men that he had ever met. 

He described his mental gifts as very great, his process of reasoning clear, and his ability as a trial lawyer unrivaled. He was a thorough and accomplished lawyer.

Scott is a large man with a rough exterior but in reality Scott is part of a large eastern clan of upper crust families in new York, the Van Rennselaer’s, but like a lot of men who came west he “reshaped” himself and dropped the “Van” and just kept the “R.”. 


Critical to his western personality is that Mr. Johnathan was deeply marked by his time living in the frontier towns of Missouri. This is the reason that he now affects a roughhewn exterior that did not come from privilege background in the east. 


Scott is a powerful attorney with the ability to mold jury’s having at some time very carefully studied law He also acquired in Missouri a belief in the Lynch law. 

Seated inside at two large desks facing each other are the lawyers and the partners Johnathan R. Scott and Benjamin Ignatius Hayes. Johnathan R. Scott is also the first American Justice of the Peace and swore the first city council members under American rule in Los Angeles in 1850. 


Benjamin Ignatius Hayes is his law partner and also the county attorney. They see no problem with this obvious conflict of interest at all and here we see his essential moral bankruptcy. 


So, Johnathan R. Scott could be very dangerous to the Bravado boys in several ways. 


Benjamin Ignatius Hayes is very much the junior partner but quick witted and is no fool but wisely choosing his fights. 


Benjamin Ignatius Hayes is also the city attorney and a canny questioner and Scott like to sharpen his wit on the whetstone of Hayes.