She is married to an abusive Englishman now, but her story is far from over


Daisy Whiting is the wife of jailer Samuel Whiting.

English, wife to the jailer she is married to an abusive Englishman (East Ender) who has become the  Jailer of Los Angeles.  Her husband bears a grudge against the two Bravado boys for coming to her defense when Jailer Whiting, her husband beat her in front of their mother. 

Consuelo had come to their aid and saved them from the burning desert where they were lost coming to LA. 

She and her husband come from the working class and are used to daily labor, but the husband resents it, and he also blames Daisy for not having given him a son yet. Daisy would be happy to have a home and a child but fears his abuse of the child when they come.  

Consuelo Bravado and her whole family treated Daisy and her husband with the utmost kindness and formed a special relationship with the bright, vivacious young woman, the very essence of the lively innocent sweet young wife caught in the hands of a brute. 

However, she grows during her first years in Los Angeles with the society of the women of Los Angeles who determine to bring her along and to give her options other than taking the blows of her husband. 

Daisy grows and changes during her first years in LA and eventually throws off the yoke of oppression in an unusual way.

She becomes a writer.