Benjamin Ignatius Hayes City Attorney who prosecuted the bravado boys


One of the first four lawyers to be admitted to the bar in Los Angeles

Benjamin Ignatius Hayes is the junior partner to Mr. Jonathan R. Scott but is arguably the greater intellect.   Benjamin Ignatius Hayes is quick witted and is no fool but wisely choosing his fights.  Since Scott was the judge and Hayes the district attorney, and since they were partners in a private law firm together as well the conflicts of interest were enormous. 

Benjamin Ignatius Hayes the City Attorney is a canny questioner and Scott likes to sharpen his wit on the whetstone of Hayes.

Benjamin Ignatius Hayes was a Maryland lawyer living in Missouri in 1849 when he decided to make the overland journey to California. 

There he became a leader of the Los Angeles bar. 

Pioneer notes (1929) is based on Hayes's diaries and chronicle his trip west and his career as an attorney and judge in Los Angeles including his experiences riding circuit to San Diego and San Bernardino. 

The diaries of his wife, who recorded her trip to California in 1851 and the challenge of childrearing and homemaking in Southern California. 

As Catholics living in Southern California, the Hayes's boasted a wide circle of friends among their Hispanic neighbors, and their diaries reflect a special interest in the Missions and Mission Indians.